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Children’s Health

Children’s Health

There are many excellent resources available for information about Children’s Health.

Check out these sites:


Child Development Resource Connection Peel
Information on child care, resources, training and services for children with special needs

Pep Start Clinics 
PEP-Start Clinic is a drop-in, no-fee clinic designed for families with children newborn up to 5 years of age who live in Peel. PEP-Start offers parents the opportunity to consult with professionals from community agencies in any or all the following:

  • Speech and Language
  • Parenting & Behaviour
  • Preschool Development
  • Infant/Toddler Development
  • Health & Nutrition

Erin Oak Kids
Erin Oak Kids provides a comprehensive range of family-centred treatment, rehabilitation and support services to children with disabilities and their families who reside in Dufferin, Halton, Peel, Waterloo and Wellington in areas such as:

  • Autism
  • Speech and Language
  • Hearing
  • Vision Services
  • Developmental Paediatrics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Peel Children’s Centre
Peel Children’s Centre offers many excellent treatment services for children, teenagers, and families who are having serious issues with relationships, feelings, or behaviour.

Tangerine Walk-In Counselling is a free service for children, youth and families who live in the Peel Region.

Infant and Child Development Services Peel
This program specializes in providing services and resources for families with children 0-6 years old who are at risk of, or have a delay in his or her development.

Canadian Paediatric Society
This great resource from the National Association of Paediatricians  in Canada contains lots of information about children’s health, patient information, diet information, immunizations, guidelines, and resources for children.

Caring for Kids
This is an excellent site published by the Canadian Pediatric Society.  It contains information about Pregnancy and Babies (including feeding your baby in the first year, developmental milestones), Healthy Bodies, Keeping Kids Safe, Growing and Learning, Infections and Illnesses, Behaviour and Parenting, Teen Health, and Tips and Checklists.



Doc Mike Evans White Board Talks

Doc Mike Evans White Board Talks

Check out this new exciting method of delivering health information.

Dr. Mike Evans is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto in Family Medicine.

He has published a series of educational videos on various health topics in Family Medicine.

He uses an innovative wipe board to tell a story about a topic, that is evidence based, informative and entertaining.

Visit his Youtube channel for topics ranging from healthy lifestyle treatment to specific disease information.



Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Canada, second only to cardiovascular diseases.  The most common causes of death from cancer are lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.

There are several ways your Doctor can help you screen for cancer.   Please review your specific situation with your Physician at your medical visit.

For more information on cancer, visit The Canadian Cancer Society.


Guidelines for Cancer Screening in Ontario

Cancer Care Ontario Guidelines for Breast, Cervical & Colorectal Cancer Screening



Breast Cancer Screening

  • Women
  • Age 50-74
  • Mammogram
  • Low Risk – Every 2 years
  • High Risk – Every year, starting at age 30

Breast Cancer Screening


Cervical Cancer Screening

  • Women
  • pap tests
  • every 3 years
  • age 21 to 70
  • who are or who have even been sexually active

Cervical Screening Guidelines

Cervical Screening Information


Colon Cancer Screening

  • Men and Women
  • Age 50 to 74
  • Low Risk – Stool check for blood (FOBT) every 2 years
  • High Risk – Colonoscopy every 10 years, starting 10 years earlier than relative with colon cancer

Colon Cancer Facts


Other Cancers

There is also screening tests available for other forms of cancer.  Please contact your Doctor to review what is available and whether this applies to your situation.




If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, there is lots of information available to help you understand and treat your condition.
We have a Diabetic Clinic in our office every Friday, staffed by a Diabetic Nurse and Dietitian.  Their services are covered by OHIP.  They can help you learn more about Diabetes, monitor your blood sugars, review your diet, start insulin, and more.

Please call our office to book an appointment with the Diabetic Team.

Websites about Diabetes

Diabetes Association of Canada

Eat Right Ontario – You can even email or call a Dietitian for Free!

Maximize Your Health


Handouts from Diabetes Association of Canada


Diabetes Information:


Diabetes – Type 1 – The Basics

Diabetes – Type 2 – The Basics

Diet Information:

Diabetic Diet – The Basics

Cholesterol and Diabetes

Fibre and Diabetes

Dash Diet

Managing Your Blood Glucose

Low and High Sugars

Exercise Information:

Staying Healthy With Diabetes

Benefits of Physical Activity in Diabetes

Physical Activity and Diabetes

Weight Control Information:

Managing Weight in Diabetes

BMI and Weight Control in Diabetes

Blood Pressure Information:

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Smoking Information:

Smoking and Diabetes

Insulin Information:

Thinking of Starting Insulin




High blood pressure, or “Hypertension,” is a dangerous risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, and other serious illnesses.
You can lower your blood pressure by living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and alcohol, losing weight, exercising, and reducing your stress.
Please consult your Doctor about your specific situation, and learn how to lower your blood pressure.


Websites to Learn About Hypertension

Hypertension Society of Canada

Heart and Stroke Society of Canada

Canadian Diabetes Association


Handouts on Hypertension

Get Your Blood Pressure Under Control

Understanding and Managing Your Blood Pressure

Managing Your Blood Pressure – Pamphlet

Home Blood Pressure Log

How to Measure BP at Home

Home BP – Get The Facts

Healthy Eating for Healthy Blood Pressure

Eat Right Ontario – you can even email or call a Dietitian for free!