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If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, there is lots of information available to help you understand and treat your condition.
We have a Diabetic Clinic in our office every Friday, staffed by a Diabetic Nurse and Dietitian.  Their services are covered by OHIP.  They can help you learn more about Diabetes, monitor your blood sugars, review your diet, start insulin, and more.

Please call our office to book an appointment with the Diabetic Team.

Websites about Diabetes

Diabetes Association of Canada

Eat Right Ontario – You can even email or call a Dietitian for Free!

Maximize Your Health


Handouts from Diabetes Association of Canada


Diabetes Information:


Diabetes – Type 1 – The Basics

Diabetes – Type 2 – The Basics

Diet Information:

Diabetic Diet – The Basics

Cholesterol and Diabetes

Fibre and Diabetes

Dash Diet

Managing Your Blood Glucose

Low and High Sugars

Exercise Information:

Staying Healthy With Diabetes

Benefits of Physical Activity in Diabetes

Physical Activity and Diabetes

Weight Control Information:

Managing Weight in Diabetes

BMI and Weight Control in Diabetes

Blood Pressure Information:

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Smoking Information:

Smoking and Diabetes

Insulin Information:

Thinking of Starting Insulin