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Eating healthy is one of the  most important things we can do to promote good health.  A healthy diet helps us grow, heal from injury,  fight illness, and stay happy.  There are many resources available to learn about healthy nutrition.  Canada’s Food Guide is an excellent reference for an approach to a healthy diet.  You also can consult with a Registered Dietitian to review your dietary requirements.   Make sure you talk to your Physician about your specific health and dietary needs.


Resources on Healthy Eating

Eat Right Ontario – you can even email or call a Dietitian for free!

Health Canada

Peel Health

Dietitians of Canada


Handouts on Healthy Eating

Canada’s Food Guide

Eat Well Live Longer

Dyslipidemia Diet Guidelines

Living with Cholesterol

Cholesterol and Diabetes


Healthy Eating for Healthy Blood Pressure

Diabetic Diet – The Basics

Cholesterol and Diabetes

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